New York University (2017 - present)
MCC-UE 1200 Algorithmic Cultures (Semior media seminar)
MCC-UE 1310 Media and Culture in Urban China (Undergraduate elective)
MCC-GE 2229 Algorithmic Cultures (Advanced) (Master elective)
MCC-GE 3150 Computation and Culture (Doctoral seminar)

Chinese University of Hong Kong (2014 - 2017)
COMM3100 Critical Communication Theories (Undergraduate core)
COMM5120 Globalization and Communication (Master core)
COMM5330 Qualitative Research Methods (Doctoral core)

Northwestern University (2014)
COMM_ST 394 Media and Memory: Remembering in the Mediated World (Senior research seminar)

Teaching Assistant

Northwestern University (2008 - 2013)
COMM_ST 377: Development & Marketing of Popular Culture
COMM_ST 275: Persuasive Images: Rhetoric of Popular Culture
COMM_ST 355: Audience Analysis
COMM_ST 395 / IEMS_341: Social Network Analysis
COMM_ST 270: Theories of Mediated Communication
Graduate Teaching Certificate Program, Searle Center for Teaching Excellence